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Better with Bulso!

Hello friends! I’m excited to announce my bid for the state House of Representatives seat for District 61! I am running because I believe strong families are essential to the prosperity of our community, our state and our country. I have always had a passion for public service.  But too often, our government passes laws and policies that weaken, rather than strengthen, the family. I want to be a voice for those who believe that the strength of our country ultimately depends principally upon the strength of our families! Stay posted for campaign updates and event info!

Read more about the campaign HERE.

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  1. Betty Romeo says:

    Hi Gino
    Loved hearing you received the endorsement from Daryl Waltrip.
    That is wonderful!!
    And…glad you returned to Michael Delgiornio’s program and speak about conservative values.
    Hopefully there were District #61 listeners who will take a look at your platform and vote for you!
    Blessings on this St. Benedict feast day!
    God Bless

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